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How to

Contents of a page

Each page has has the name of a person, details about him, his wife and children.  Children that married have pages of their own.

Navigating the website.

Click on any person high-lighted in blue. This will take you to the person's details. You can move up to an ancestor's page by clicking the the name at the top of the page high-lighted in blue. You can click other items such as 'See1861 Census'

Locate a person.

To locate a person, click the 'Index of Names' button on the menu buttons at the top of the page.  This will enable you to find the name and date of birth of a person.  Click on 'Narrative'  and you will be taken to that person.  You will then be able to navigate upwards to find his ancestors, and downwards to find his descendants.

Living Persons.

Living persons have been excluded from this website unless they have given permission for their details to be included.  You will thus see person called 'Living' on some pages.


Some people have said that some pages (Family Tree pages mostly) do not print out satisfactorily.  However, they do on my printers, so I think it is a matter of persuading the printer to 'fit to page'. 

Numbers before people's name

If you see such numbers, please ignore them. These numbers are inserted by the Family Tree program that I use. I have been trying to delete them, but some have escaped my attempts.

Source Numbers

These are in blue and underlined, generally at the end of a sentence e.g. 16. Clicking these will take you to a page that has the source of the information. Often the details for that source are included in the story.



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